Rebecca Harris

Here it is on a Saturday night at 10pm, and what are the guys from The HVAC Outlet doing?? They are here, at my house, still working to make sure that I have air in my house and in the nursery for my puppies. These guys are absolutely the best around. I bought a unit from them back last winter and instead of having them install it (big mistake by the way), someone else installed it and it never worked properly, and when my air wouldn’t work, I called Rick and he drove the same night from Danville to Magnolia, to try to figure out the problem. He did figure it out, and although my warranty was void, because they didn’t install it, they said they’d help me. My wiring was all wrong, and my unit in the nursery was burnt up. So Rick sold me a new unit and installed it, and fixed my house unit for way less than another HVAC company priced me a new unit for my house for. Rick and his company have went above and beyond to take care of my problems, and they didn’t have to. They could have been like, “we didn’t install it. You’re on your own.” But instead he had a new unit installed and had both blowing ice cold air the next day. They definitely stand behind what they sell, and I am one happy customer right now. I will forever be singing the praises of The HVAC Outlet, because they are the best in my book. I strongly urge anyone who has problems with their HVAC unit to call them before they call anyone else. You will not regret it. Rick, Chad, Mike, & everyone else there…you guys are the best and you’ve got a lifetime customer right here. Thank y’all again.

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