MrCool Ductless Mini Split

Did you know: MrCool is a Kentucky family owned company, and located less than four hours away from our headquarters? This relationship allows us to work closely with MrCool and their technical support team. This, in turn, leads to less wait times for you, the homeowner or contractor. Also, this allows our team members to stay up-to-date with MrCool’s product advancements.

MrCool mini splits are one of the most efficient mini split systems in the market. Their Seer ratings vary from 16 Seer to 23 Seer, depending on unit needs and consumer needs.

The HVAC Outlet is a premier MrCool distributor, and one of the largest MrCool distributors in the United States. The HVAC Outlet has a more than 5,000 MrCool heating and air conditioning systems in stock available for same day shipping or pickup. The HVAC Outlet stocks MrCool Advantage, MrCool Do-It-Yourself (MrCool DIY), MrCool Olympus, and MrCool Universal systems.

Don’t know what a mini split unit is? Don’t worry; we’ll explain. A Mini split system consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected with a copper tubing called a lineset. This lineset allows the refrigerant, sometimes called freon, to circulate from the inside unit to the outdoor unit; thus, in turn, creating heating or air conditioning. This inside unit can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted.

The HVAC Outlet is here to assist you with your mini split heating and air conditioning needs.