Eco-Friendly HVAC System Upgrades

Now more than ever, many Americans are considering how they can be more sustainable and eco-friendly. This is for several reasons. For one thing, lots of people are thinking about the future and what they can offer their children. They’re making efforts to ensure that the environment, and the world at large, are preserved for […]

What is a SEER Rating?

If you’re deciding to upgrade your HVAC unit, SEER is an important metric to understand. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating/Ratio. It measures the energy efficiency of an HVAC unit, and the higher it is, the more you can potentially save on your energy bill. But what exactly determines a SEER rating? And what’s […]

HVAC Trends of 2022

According to HVAC TRENDS, the biggest HVAC future trend is growth. An AHR Expo and ASHRAE Journal survey found nearly 88 percent of respondents in the HVAC industry reported a “good” or “excellent” business year in 2019, and 43 percent of those respondents expected 5-10 percent growth for their business. Another 23.5 percent expected growth […]