Why You Should Get a Programmable Thermostat

Are you interested in smart heating and cooling? One of the advantages of investing in this cutting-edge technology is the energy efficiency that comes with it. According to Smart Energy, a smart HVAC system can save you 50% in energy use. Here is why you should consider getting a programmable thermostat, such as the one […]

3 Signs That You Should Replace Your HVAC System

Old air conditioning units

The HVAC industry keeps growing, and new technology is being introduced. According to a survey by the AHR Expo and ASHRAE, almost 88 percent of HVAC suppliers reported “good” or “excellent” business in 2019, and 43% of those respondents expected 5-10 percent growth for their business. For you, the consumer, this means now is as […]

Common AC Problems

The use of HVAC units in buildings is widespread in the United States. Unfortunately, all HVAC units have some common problems that builders and homeowners can experience. For example, building owners who use a mini split air conditioner can experience issues with its fuse box. A fuse or disconnect box possesses controls that give energy […]

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

People spend 90% of the day indoors or inside buildings. Additionally, common indoor air pollutants can cause respiratory discomfort or lung diseases. With the average American breathing 2 gallons of air each minute or roughly 3400 gallons per day, indoor air pollution is a significant contributor to chronic respiratory illnesses. In this blog post, we […]

Eco-Friendly HVAC System Upgrades

Now more than ever, many Americans are considering how they can be more sustainable and eco-friendly. This is for several reasons. For one thing, lots of people are thinking about the future and what they can offer their children. They’re making efforts to ensure that the environment, and the world at large, are preserved for […]

What Does a HVAC System Do?

In 2022 the market value of HVAC suppliers was 136 billion. These critical systems support our homes, businesses, and industrial buildings. If you’re wondering what an HVAC system is, or what they do, this article is for you. What Does HVAC Stand For? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. What Does an HVAC System […]