What To Consider When Replacing Your HVAC System

So, a local contractor has condemned your HVAC system–now what?

Here is our step-by-step guide on what to do when considering an HVAC replacement:

  1. Always, Always, Always get a second opinion!
    1. When a local HVAC company sends a technician out to your home, they are really sending a sales technician. This person’s job is to condemn your HVAC system and quote you an “opportunity” to replace it.
  2. Get a trustworthy brand of equipment!
    1. Brand really matters when it comes to HVAC systems.
    2. We sell Rheem products.
      1. Why is Rheem the best?
        1. Their warranty absolutely rocks! They provide us with warranty parts in stock, and allow us to have a quick turnaround on warranty issues. Now, fortunately, warranty issues are very unlikely, but it is always helpful to plan for the worst case scenario; and, that’s exactly what we have done.
  3. Call The HVAC Outlet for the best price and service around!
    1. Our customers love us!
    2. Our price is the best around!
      1. A 3 ton heat pump, air handler, and heat strip installed is only $3995 plus tax!!!