What is a ceiling cassette mini split?

A ceiling cassette mini-split is another type of ductless heating and cooling system that consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The “mini-split” designation means that it is a smaller and more flexible alternative to traditional HVAC systems, and it doesn’t require ductwork for air distribution.

The “ceiling cassette” aspect refers to the indoor unit’s design and installation. Unlike wall-mounted or floor console units, a ceiling cassette unit is typically mounted in the ceiling. It is recessed into the ceiling space, leaving only the decorative panel visible. This design is often chosen for its discreet appearance and the ability to blend seamlessly with the room’s aesthetics.

Ceiling cassette mini-splits are known for their even air distribution and the ability to provide heating and cooling. They are commonly used in commercial settings, such as offices, conference rooms, and retail spaces, as well as in larger residential areas where a more centralized and discreet HVAC solution is desired.

Like other mini-split systems, ceiling cassette units offer energy efficiency, zoning capabilities, and the flexibility to control the climate of individual rooms or zones independently. They are typically controlled by a remote control or a wall-mounted thermostat for easy and convenient operation.

We offer Rheem’s ceiling cassette mini split systems. Rheem offers a 10 year warranty on their products when registered online.