MrCool Ductless Mini Splits Are Awesome

Are you in the market for a new ductless mini split? Whether this is your first experience with a ductless mini split or a season ductless mini split pro here a few things to consider:

  1. Namebrand and reputation: Namebrand matters. We sell and stock MrCool branded ductless mini splits. MrCool is a Kentucky based company. MrCool is quickly becoming an industry leader, and their product quality appears to be second to none.
  2. Location of your condenser: Do you want your condenser (outside unit) on a bracket or on the ground? The bracket will allow the condenser to be mounted on the side of the home, garage, or shed. Alternatively, if you want to sit the condenser on the ground, then we suggest a pad for the condenser to sit on.
  3. Length of your lineset: The lineset is the copper line that connects the indoor and outdoor unit together, so the refrigerant can flow to the indoor and outdoor unit. Most MrCool mini splits come with a 16′ or 25′ lineset depending on the model you’re looking at. However, longer linesets are available, if needed.
  4. Do you want a lineset cover?: Lineset covers, sometimes referred to as line hide, help clean up the job, so to speak. Without the lineset cover, the lineset and it’s insulation will be exposed to the elements. Although the covers are necessary, they do provide a nice, clean look for the job and your home.