2 heat 1 cool thermostat vs 1 heat 1 cool thermostat

When homeowners are looking for a thermostat I often hear: “do I need a 2H/1C (“2 heat 1 cool”) or 1H/1C (“1 heat 1 cool)?”. This is a great question, and vital to ensuring your HVAC system operates appropriately. So, let’s discuss the most common differences:

2 Heat 1 Cool

This thermostat is required for a heat pump system or dual fuel system. A heat pump needs a 2 heat 1 cool thermostat because there are two options in a heat pump system. The first option is the heat pump. Heat pumps are great down to approximately 30 degrees. Below 30 degrees, then an alternative heat source is required, so the auxiliary (or emergency) heat strips will be utilized.

This logic is the same in a dual fuel system. A dual fuel system is when you have a gas furnace and a heat pump. This is somewhat of a modern trend. Traditionally a gas furnace has been tied to an air conditioner only unit; which is only one heat source–the gas furnace. However, with a dual fuel system a heat pump is your initial heat source until the colder weather strikes, and the temperatures drop below that 30 degree range, then the gas furnace is required–hence, why the 2 heat 1 cool thermostat is required.

1 Heat 1 Cool

As I hinted above, a traditional gas furnace tied to an air conditioner only is the most common need for a one heat one cool (1H/1C) thermostat. Now, of course, there are other exceptions that exist, but this is by far the most common. A simple way to think about this is think about how many heat options your HVAC system has. If there is only one heat option, then you need a 1 heat 1 cool thermostat. If there are multiple heat options, then you need a thermostat that offers the same amount of heat options.

Our most popular thermostats are: Sensi and Emerson Series 80. The Sensi thermostat can be purchased here. And, the Emerson Series 80 thermostat can be purchased here. The Sensi thermostat has all of the bells and whistles. There is one version that has wifi and touch screen, and the other has wifi but it is more old school with physical buttons. On the other hand, the Emerson Series 80 has  a 4.5 digital screen and buttons; the high-tech options, so to speak, are not present on this thermostat.

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