Kentucky’s Best HVAC Company

Did you know The HVAC Outlet is the premier HVAC provider in Kentucky? The HVAC Outlet is a full stocked HVAC provider. We stock MrCool, Boreal by GREE, Innovair, WeatherKing by Rheem, and Sure Comfort by Rheem. At any given time, The HVAC Outlet will have more than 15,000 HVAC systems in stock at any given time. We are one of the few HVAC supply houses in Kentucky that is fully stocked with equipment; and, most importantly, we are the only HVAC supply house that sells directly to the public!

Being such a large distributor with a very loyal customer base, we are often approached by HVAC manufacturers asking us to promote and sell their brands. However, we, as a company, are very selective about our products. We analyze the companies’ warranty, their brand recognition, and parts availability. With these five (5) brands, they are considered industry leaders in their respective fields of HVAC. Additionally, based on our collective experiences as a company, these brands are not flooded with recalls, warranty claims, and other consumer complaints.

In essence, we are Kentucky’s best HVAC company carrying America’s best HVAC brands.