How to get your HVAC ready for Spring

With spring time just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking on preparing your HVAC unit for warmer weather.

Preventative maintenance and a little TLC from a trusted professional could make all the difference, not only in properly cooling your home, but also saving you money.

Here are 5 ways to effectively prepare your home for spring;

    1. Check and change your filters as needed. – The simplest way to prepare for warmer weather is to check your air filters. The best way to know if it is time to replace your filter is to inspect the appearance of the filter itself. New filters should appear white, but over time contaminants will turn the filter brown or black in color.  Filters collect pollen, dust, mold and bacteria from the air. A good rule of thumb would be to replace your filter every 90 days.
    2. Clean off your outside units – During the winter, especially if you are located in an area with variable weather conditions such as snow, ice, wind and rain; debris can pile up on any units you have outdoors. Make sure all units are clear from any grime and leaves.
    3. Clean Vents and Registers Inside – Think of your HVAC system as your home’s lungs that need to breathe. If any part of the breathing process is covered by hair, debris, pet dander, etc. then the lungs cannot successfully inhale and likewise will not be able to exhale cool air throughout your home efficiently.
    4. Test run your AC. – The best way to prepare your HVAC system is to simply take her for a test drive before spring rolls around. Pick an unusually warm day in late winter at the warmest part of the day to turn your AC on and see how it is working. Is the air coming out cool in all areas of your home? Are any strange smells being circulated throughout the home after turning on your AC? Are there any strange sounds? Make a note of anything that seems slightly unusual for your AC so you may bring it up with a pro when you schedule a maintenance visit.
    5. Schedule a Maintenance Visit with a HVAC professional. – After you’ve changed your filters, cleaned your outside units and inside vents and ran your AC, it may still be a good idea to schedule a maintenance visit. Tell a pro anything you discovered while you tested your AC. They will also thoroughly inspect your HVAC system to ensure there are no hidden issues within your system that would prevent you from cooling your house when spring does finally roll around.


Proactive maintenance is always the best maintenance but sometimes, even after cleaning your vents and units, your HVAC unit unfortunately may still need to be replaced. It’s always important to look at cost, efficiency and durability when shopping for a new unit. Spring is creeping up slowly but surely, make sure your HVAC is prepared to handle the task of keeping your home well air conditioned the whole season.