Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Solutions

In terms of the environment, Americans across the country are looking to cut back on their harmful effects on our natural world. A common way that several homeowners are cutting down their environmental footprint is by switching their HVAC systems to mini splits instead of central heating and cooling. Considering that around 87% of American homes have air conditioning, it is important to consider the hefty energy use associated with warming and cooling your home. In this post, we will talk about why mini splits are more eco-friendly than centralized HVAC systems.

Confining Air to a Single Room

One of the most convenient aspects of an innovair mini split is that it allows you to cool or warm a single room, instead of making a temperature decision for your entire house. With a mini split, you can turn off air to the rooms you are not using. This not only conserves a ton of energy, but also saves you money on your monthly energy bills.

No More Energy Leaks

The plug in mini split system is connected through a single hose, preventing the hassle of installing long air ducts that are prone to breakage and leaking. Machines like the 36k btu mini split can be upgraded to include several coolers and heaters, so you can have one in each of your main rooms. Even with all of these different machines, the connected energy source outside can keep your home properly cooled and warmed throughout the year.

Direct Airflow

Since a mini split HVAC system takes air directly from outside, it can bring warm or cool air directly into your home without using as much energy as a traditional central system. This use and recycling of air helps to only use as much energy is needed. While a mini split can be used to bring cooler air into a room in the summers, the same system can simply work backward to bring in warm air during the winter months. Using the same machine to handle your air year-round is only one of the many conveniences that mini splits have to offer.

Clearly, there are several reasons why homeowners all over the country are investing in HVAC mini split systems from their HVAC suppliers. What’s good for the environment can also be good for your energy bills! If you are looking for an HVAC supplier to get you on the road to your very own mini split, give us a call today.