Important Things to Know About HVAC Condenser Pads

For homeowners who own an air conditioner with a freestanding outdoor unit, an HVAC condenser pad is a must-have. Certain components are typically necessary to install and operate an exterior air conditioning unit. One of these essential pieces is the AC condenser pad. Here is a quick guide to AC or HVAC condenser pads and why you would need them.

What Is an HVAC Condenser Pad?

Air conditioners that have a separate outdoor unit produce enough vibration that, if set on soil, they’ll sink right into the ground. An AC condenser pad provides a flat, stable surface for the outdoor condenser unit to prevent sinking. It also helps attenuate the noise that comes from the unit when it’s in operation. You should expect to spend about $100 on the pad.

How to Choose the Right AC Condenser Pad

Although HVAC condenser pads are simple, they do have different types and sizes to consider before purchasing. The following are some of the factors to consider when getting an AC condenser pad:

Size — Measure the condenser unit, then find an HVAC condenser pad that exceeds the unit footprint at all sides by several inches. Some areas may have zoning codes that dictate the size and height of the pad, so make sure to check this before purchase. Also, make sure there’s ample space between units if your home has two. This will allow for better airflow.

Location — Locate a spot where your HVAC/AC unit will not be exposed to weather too much. Most air conditioners are designed to withstand being rained on or be in direct sunlight. However, the pad might not have the same design depending on the material. An area protected from the weather can help prolong the service lives of both the condenser unit and the pad.

Material — Condenser pads are made from various materials, so choose wisely. Some pads are concrete, which is usually used for large-capacity air conditioners. They tend to sink into the ground over time. Plastic AC condenser pads are more sustainable, waterproof, and offer resistance to UV radiation and extreme heat. Your choice depends on what you are looking for and the type of AC unit.

If you have an outside AC unit, an HVAC condenser pad is vital for the life and quality of your unit. For more information on all things HVAC, contact us today!