Common AC Problems

The use of HVAC units in buildings is widespread in the United States. Unfortunately, all HVAC units have some common problems that builders and homeowners can experience. For example, building owners who use a mini split air conditioner can experience issues with its fuse box. A fuse or disconnect box possesses controls that give energy to the mini-split. If the box contains a malfunctioning component, a circuit breaker may trip, or a fuse may blow. Furthermore, the HVAC unit may sporadically become hot to the touch. This can lead owners to believe the unit is not working correctly. The following article will point out common issues with different HVAC units so that owners know how to deal with them.

There Are No Fan Speeds Available in The HVAC System.

This is a minor problem for those who have central heating-only systems instead of mini split systems. However, anyone with a forced-air system with a blower will be concerned about this problem. The blower in their system works at one speed only and cannot be adjusted. There is no option for them to set the fan speed to high, low, or medium. Furthermore, if the homeowner notices that their blower has gone out altogether, there is nothing they can do except replace it.

The Unit Is Filling Up with Water.

The first sign of this problem is when the water begins leaking down the outside of the unit. If a homeowner notices water dripping from the unit, they should call a professional immediately.

Once a mini split air conditioner starts to leak water, there is something wrong with its drain pump. The building owners need to fix it immediately, or else it could cause damage to the rest of the unit.

The Unit Is Running Too Hot.

If a homeowner notices that the unit is running too hot, they should have their air conditioner checked by a pro. Even though they may not notice that the temperature has risen, someone else can notice and notify them. Furthermore, if the temperature in their house increases too high, there is a possibility of damaging their home’s insulation.

If you notice any of the above issues with your HVAC unit, contact a professional as soon as possible. HVAC units can have many problems, especially older models or when building owners do not maintain them adequately. It is always better to preempt potential issues in a property so that they do not develop in the first place.

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