Why You Could Save Money with an AC Upgrade

Did you know that upgrading your HVAC can save you a lot of money? This can be a bit odd since you have to spend money to get a new HVAC. However, it is quite simple. There are several ways you can save money with a new HVAC system, including lower energy bills. Here’s more information on how you can save money with an HVAC upgrading project.

Lower Energy Bills

As your HVAC system gets old, it will start being less energy efficient. This means it will need a lot of electricity to deliver the same results that used to require smaller amounts of energy. Apart from that, older HVAC models were generally less energy efficient than newer ones. This means that even if your HVAC is still functional, it still won’t beat the energy efficiency of newer models. Today’s HVAC systems are generally designed to be more energy-efficient. This is especially true if you choose an Energy Star labeled unit. You should also check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of the unit you want to acquire. An HVAC system with a higher rating is way more energy-efficient than those with lower ratings. Installing a new HVAC system can lower energy consumption by 20 percent, and this translates to cheaper utility bills.

Reduced HVAC Repair costs

Older HVAC systems generally need more repairs. According to FIX.com, the cost of air conditioning repairs and maintenance is around $50 to $100. However, it’s quite rare to have a site visit that costs less than $100 in parts and labor. When you buy a new HVAC, it will take a long time before you need to make any repairs. This means you will part with less money compared to an older system that will likely break down more often. In simpler terms, an HVAC system is like a car. It will reach a point where putting more money into it is just not worth it. Also, if your system is constantly breaking down, that can result in a lot of inconveniences to your home comfort.

These are some of the ways you will save money with a new AC system. Did you also know that you can get rebates to offset the cost of HVAC upgrading, particularly if you are getting an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient unit? If you are looking to do some HVAC upgrading, contact us today and we can help you save some money.