The MrCool Universal is the Best

The MrCool Universal is the most popular ducted system on the market right now. 

The MrCool Universal is 18-20 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio); which is the standard utilized by the government to determine an HVAC systems energy consumption. The MrCool Universal’s heat pump is rated down to -20 degrees prior to the need for heat strips. Now, in order to determine if this is suitable for your home you must answer a couple questions:

  1. Do you have a heat pump system there now?
    1. If yes, then no problem!
    2. If no, then consult a licensed electrician regarding your electrical service.
  2. If you have available electric space, then now lets determine the location of inside air handler.
    1. The MrCool Universal is upflow or horizontal
    2. To determine if you have an upflow system, then do the following:
      1. Find your air handler unit (the inside piece of your HVAC split system).
      2. Is it in a basement?
        1. If yes, then you have an upflow
      3. Is it on the main level of your home?
        1. if yes, then where are your vents?
          1. Floor, then no you likely do not have an upflow system. So, you will need to consult an licensed HVAC technician to analyze your ductwork, or call us and we can discuss.
          2. Ceiling, then you have an upflow system.
      4. Attic or crawl space?
        1. Is it positioned horizontally? If yes, then you can use the MrCool Universal.
        2. Occasionally, we have seen attic systems in a down flow vertical position, so make sure you double check.
  3. Last step: lets determine what ton system you need.
    1. There are two sizes available:
      1. 2/3 ton: This system is is designed for 2 ton, 2.5 ton, and 3 ton systems. The difference can be found in the wiring on the unit. This is an easy modification.
      2. 4/5 ton: This system designed for 4 ton and 5 ton application.

So, now we have determined if the MrCool Universal is suitable for your home. Now, where to buy

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